Arly Larivierre appologize for the way he acted in the Okap bal

MIAMI—January 5, 2013— Arly Lariviere would like to apologize to the fans and the public for his recent reaction on stage at a performance in Haiti. The video, however, does not provide an accurate portrayal of the events leading up to the incident. While most people attended the party have a good time, some had negative intentions. The video shows Arly repeatedly looking behind him because he could see the multiple attempts an individual made to sabotage the performance. At some point, the individual successfully disabled an instrument and temporarily shut down the band’s performance.

Arly Lariviere

Arly explains: “The video only shows me getting upset, so it appears to be completely negative on my part. We were having great difficulties with the rain that night, which was causing a significant amount of problems with the failure of equipment and periodic shutdowns of the music. This compounded to create safety concerns for the bands with regard to the electricity. With numerous people coming on to the stage, the band was unable to properly perform.

What the video failed to show was the person who was repeatedly asked to move off the stage. That same person disabled Norman’s bass. At that point, I became quite upset because the show had to be halted for over 45 minutes until we were able to secure a replacement bass for Norman to continue the show. Although it does not excuse my actions entirely, I immediately apologized to the audience who was present at the show. It was not appropriate for me to display my anger on stage. It can be truly upsetting to have a strong desire to please your fans that sacrifice their time and money to see you perform, and have natural and man-made occurrences that prevent you from delivering the performance they deserve. I sincerely apologize for my actions. I thank the fans for their continued support.”

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